Profesional Ballet Photography Contest 2022 Edition

A unique professional photography competition and a renowned platform for discovering and exhibiting the most exiting ballet photographers. Gain widespread exposure, promote your ballerina models, get professional feedback, have fun and win cash prizes along the way.


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Ballet Photography professional photo contests main objective is to help photographers from all over the world not only connect with fellow photography enthusiasts, but also to hone and improve their skills.

All images submitted to a challenge receive the same exposure to ensure a leveled playing field. No matter what your status is, every challenge starts fresh with a clean slate.

Ballet Photography Professional contest gives you increased exposure and the chance to win prizes in cash worth 1000 EUROS



In his position as head of the Cultural Centre of Sibiu, Ovidiu Dragoman has managed many ample cultural projects and programmes. He has introduced to Sibiu the concept of cultural agenda since 1998, and has coordinated its activities for almost two decades. Before that he was a ballet dancer with the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad, and the Slovene National Theatre in Ljubljana. In 2008 he founded the Sibiu Ballet Theatre, the first independent ballet company in Romania. In 2016 he was a founder of the Romanian Dance Union (UNACOR).
A former principal with the Bucharest National Opera, a ballet master and head of the ballet company of BNO, as well as a manager of the ballet company of the „Ion Dacian” National Operetta and Musical Theatre in Bucharest, Alin Gheorghiu is curently an artistic advisor for the ballet company of ther BNO. Along his outstanding career he won numerous prizes and awards, was a guest artist with major theatres around the world and a member of the jury in international competitions. As a teacher, he was invited to hold worshops for ballet schools in Romania, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. In 2004 he became a Knight of the Romanian Cultural Merit Order.
International ballet photographer based in Moscow, Russia. Since 2016, Daria has been shooting only ballet. She works with artists from the best theaters in the world, including the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow and the Mariinsky Theater in Saint Petersburg. Daria is also trusted to take photographs of the students of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and the Vaganova Academy. She has done a lot of shooting in Europe (Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Finland, Armenia, Georgia). In her works, she underlines the grace of the ballerina's lines, as well as the lightness and romanticism of ballet.
Principal dancer at the English National Ballet, Natascha Mair was born in Vienna and received her education from the age of seven at the Vienna State Opera. In 2012 she has been selected for the 2012/13 season on at the Vienna State Ballet. In 2012, Natascha Mair was awarded the Jury Prize at the International Ballet School Competition in Beijing and received the first prize in the Premio Roma Danza. In 2014 she was promoted to demi-soloist and in 2016 to soloist. In December 2018, she was promoted to first soloist following a performance of Rudolf Nureyev's The Nutcracker at the Vienna State Opera House. In 2020 Natascha Mair joined as principal dancer at the English National Ballet. She also appears as a principal guest in many lead roles and galas in Europe and overseas. Several television appearances including the broadcasts of the New Year's Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic, the opening of the Vienna Opera Ball and “Just ballet” documentary.
Mihail Cratofil has been shooting almost all his life, starting with countless personalities of the arts and culture Romanian world. In 1982 he turned this hobby into a profession by becoming a permanent photographer for the Bucharest National Opera. Since 1990 he has been a photojournalist for the Romanian Cultural Foundation, then with the Romanian Cultural Institute. His photographs were included in books such as „Pedestal for ephemeridae” by Luminiţa Vartolomei, and „50 seasons of the new Bucharest National Opera”.
Paul Daniel Schneider is widely known in the Romanian ballet world. He is an Munich based photography artist, and a continuous explorer of the unique field of ballet photography. Born in Romania, Paul Daniel Schneider is one photographer, which among with some good others, are keeping the Romanian ballet photography alive. He published the very first photo album with ballet photography in Romania, promoting the young dancers from the Cluj-Napoca ballet high school, in 2018. Since then, in 2019 he published the SMURD 25 years of history in the city of Cluj-Napoca. Writing for the Ballet Magazine as a collaborator, Daniel continues being actively involved in the Romanian ballet photography scene. He's been all over the world shooting with one of the most famous ballerinas. Today, he happily lives in Munich working as a logistics warehouse manager.
Manuela Ardelean, first principal dancer of the Romanian National Opera Timișoara ballet company, has started ballet at a very young age. She felt in love with it, wanting to become a real ballerina! Her dream came true after she finished high-school at the Art College "Ion Vidu" and start dancing at the Romanian National Opera House from Timișoara in 2002. In 2008 after 6 years of experience in the theater and in a lot of tours around the world, she became a principal ballerina! She has performed many roles in both classic and modern performances like: Giselle, Bayadere, Swan Lake, Ondine, Dancing Queen and many others which made she grow and develop hisself as a person and as a ballet dancer. She also teaches ballet for a couple of years and has a college degree in Economics Science in 2009 and a Master degree in Tourism Management.
Artist of the The Royal Danish Ballet, Marina Minoiu was born and trained in Bucharest. She was a 1st Soloist with the National Bucharest Opera until 2016. Her repertoire included the principal roles in K.MacMillan’s “Manon”,Sir F.Ashton’s “La fille mal gardee”, “Marguerite and Armand”, “The Dream”, J.Kobborg’s “La Sylphide” and so on. Since 2016 she is an Artist with The Royal Danish Ballet. Her repertoire includes parts in productions by A. Bournonville, N. Hubbe, C. Wheeldon,G.Dean, J. Kylian and others. Marina Minoiu was nominated for the Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer in 2015 for her role as “ Marguerite” in Frederick Ashton's "Marguerite and Armand" by Dance Europe, one of the most important international dance magazines.
A graduate of the Dance Department of the „I.L.Caragiale” National Drama and Cinema Academy, Oana Ioniţă is the manager of „Dance Planet” school in Bucharest, founder of the intensive dance development program for young talents „Dance Motion” and manager of the prestigious competition „Young Artist Grand Prix”. After having been for years a member of the ballet company of the Bucharest National Opera, she is now a very active member of the the Romanian ballet community, while her students have won a wide array of prizes in international competitions and were accepted by ballet schools around the world.
After having graduated from the State Ballet School in Bucharest, studied languages at the University, got a Master’s degree in cultural management in France and a doctor’s degree in Theatrology, Vivia Săndulescu-Dutton shared her activities between teaching and writing. She has been teaching a variety of subjects related to dance in schools and universities in Bucharest, Constanta and Iassy, and has translated books from English and French. She also works extensively as a ballet critic and historian, as materialized in books such as „Choreographic records. The Ballet company of the Bucharest National Opera”, „Six decades of ballet at the Iassy Romanian Opera”, and the articles collection „Pixels on the dance screen”.

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A prestigious jury, 1000 EUR in cash, professional feedback! Get regional exposure & professional feedback! Promote your work & models ballerinas by sharing in our social media feeds!

A unique professional photography competition and a renowned platform for discovering and exhibiting the most exiting ballet photographers. Gain widespread exposure, promote your ballerina models, get professional feedback, have fun and win cash prizes along the way.

“PROFESIONAL BALLET PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST, 2022 EDITION” is the only project in Central & Eastern Europe that promote ballet photography and artists with works in this field, and is addressed to any photographer who has in his portfolio works that illustrate the beauty of ballet art.

The best works selected will receive prizes totaling about 1000 Euros.
In order to establish the ranking, only the votes counted in the platform dedicated to the project will be taken into account.

The project is open to any photographer who has in his portfolio representative works for the art of ballet. The project will take place between October 19 2021 and January 31, 2022.
The photos will be uploaded on the dedicated platform, on the Ballet Magazine Romania website.
To enroll the photos in the project, each photographer will have to open a participant account, by filling in all the required fields in the registration form.
A maximum of three photos is allowed to enroll in the contest for each competing photographer
For each photo enrolled in the contest, all the required fields in the registration form will be filled in.
Within 24 hours the photos will be verified by the Ballet Magazine team. If all the conditions are met and they comply with Ballet Magazine Romania community standards, they will be published.
All the photos enrolled in the project may be distributed by the Ballet Magazine Romania team for marketing and advertising purposes by sharing them on any of the electronic channels and social media accounts managed by the magazine.
Also, in order to carry out marketing and advertising actions, photos enrolled in competitions may be used in any other type of printed materials or in electronic format.

If your entry is published, you automatically agree to give Ballet Magazine Romania non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide rights to use your name and the photo(s) in connection with the competition as Ballet Magazine Romania sees fit.
You certify and warrant that you hold the rights to grant such permission and agree to hold Ballet Magazine Romania harmless in any disputes that arise out of photo ownership/rights.
Photo copyright remains the property of the contestant even though permission to use the photo is given to Ballet Magazine Romania.

2021 October 19 - opening of the platform for uploading participating photos
2021 October 19 – 2022 January 31 - public vote
2022 January 31 – 2022 February 28 – jury’s vote

The contest will take place in 2 steps:
1. Public vote, 2021 October 19 – 2022 January 31
2. The jury's vote, 2022 January 31 – 2022 February 28

Thus, the photos entered in the contest will be submitted to the public vote. It will take place October 19, 2021 - January 31, 2022.
The first 21 works in the order of the number of votes given by the public will enter the second stage of the contest, for the jury vote.

Conditions for participation and validation for enrolment in the “PROFESIONAL BALLET PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST, 2021 EDITION”
In order to be published, the uploaded photos have to meet the following requirements:
The participating photographer own the legal rights for the photos
Suggested maximum upload size is 2000 pixels & 500Kb
The photo should be digital (black & white or color)
Photos should be in .jpeg format
Photos can be processed (levels, contrasts, saturation, vibrance, color balance, etc.) but collages are not accepted.

Ballet Magazine reserves the right to change any of the coordinates of the project, at any time during it, for good reasons, but not before announcing the public.
Ballet Magazine reserves the right not to publish images that do not comply with the conditions of participation and Ballet Magazine community standards, and not to honor requests from participants who violate the rules of participation by an act of bad faith that can be considered fraud, attempted fraud or abuse.
Ballet Magazine will monitor the progress of the project and, if it notices fraud attempts or behaviors that affect the smooth and correct conduct of the project, it will be able to permanently exclude any participant involved in such practices.

After the end of the public voting period (31 January 2022), the 21 most appreciated photos, according to the number of votes received (exclusively!) in the platform dedicated to the project on the Ballet Magazine website, will be analyzed by a jury.
If 2 or 3 works by the same author are included among the 21 photos with the most votes received from the public, only one work will be selected for the stage of the jury vote, respectively the one with the most votes.
The Jury Commission will select from them the three most artistically successful works. For the awarding of these special prizes, the jury’s appreciation will be made exclusively from an artistic point of view.
Each of the 21 works will receive a score from 1 to 10 from each of the members of the commission and the first three photos, according to the sum of the points obtained, will be awarded as follows:
First prize – EUR 300
Second prize – EUR 200
Third prize – EUR 100
The composition of the jury that will analyze and award the special prizes will be announced before the end of the project on the Ballet Magazine website.
The winners will be announced by publishing the jury’s decision on the Ballet Magazine website. The jury will be able to award additional prizes worth EUR 400, in the form of one or more “Special Prizes”.

By uploading the photos, Ballet Magazine Romania assumes that the participants owns all the legal rights for use and publish the works.
Where the subjects of the submitted photos are minors, the participant (respectively the photographer and / or the studio that submitted the photo) must have the consent of the parents or guardian in order for the photos to be made public and used for advertising purposes.
By signing up for this project, participants expressly agree that the photos submitted for participation in the Ballet photography project may be made public and used for advertising purposes by Ballet Magazine, including on its social media pages.
The author fully and exclusively assumes the obligation to have a legal contract with the model, which allows the author to offer the photographs for publication to third parties (natural or legal).
Ballet Magazine Romania may use the photos with the legal responsibility for any of the elements mentioned above exclusively on the photographer.
Ballet Magazine is not responsible for the payment of taxes, duties, social insurance contributions or other fiscal and financial obligations related to the prizes. The exception is the withholding tax, applicable to incomes obtained by individuals according to law no. 227/2015 on the Fiscal Code, with subsequent amendments and completions.

*VERY IMPORTANT! For any cash prizes, the winner has to contact project organizers (by all the emails mentioned in Ts&Cs, namely:, & ) and make the proof of identity to the project organizers! There is also mandatory to provide a valid PayPal account for cash transfer!
BE AWARE! The prizes the will not be claimed until December 31 2023, will be canceled!

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