“Ballerinas in Red, 2022 Edition” has reached the deadline! Stay tuned to find out the winners of the first phase of the project!

Following a cyber attack unprecedented in intensity and aggressiveness, the “Ballerinas in Red, 2022 Edition” project was forced to end a few tens of minutes before the set deadline, which officially was the end of the day of September 16.

by Ballet Magazine
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Thousands of users, both real and fake ones, accessing simultaneously the platform on the last hours of the competition together with an unprecedented hacking attacks … was much more than our servers and our technical team could handle and forced the competition platform into maintenance tens of minutes before the deadline.

Considering that the ranking given by the number of public votes could not be radically changed in terms of the normal & usual exercise of the voting process, the project team decided to end the first stage of the project and enter the second one, in order to prepare the jury’s vote!

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Ballerinas in Red, 2022 Edition, a real success both in terms of beauty and statistics

Dear friends, dear ballet lovers, dear ballerinas in red! First we would like to thank you for the joy and the happiness you helped us to spread all around the world! “Ballerinas in Red, 2022 Edition” has reached over 50 countries from all over continents with hundreds of thousands of users and has attracted tens of thousands of votes & comments! In terms of statistics it was then a real success!

A real success has also been in terms of beauty, grace and exclusivity added by many of the very professional ballerinas and photographers that has enrolled! Stay tuned for more details and for other special prizes that we have for our participants!

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The project team will come back  with answers for all that questions that could not be answered

In the shortest possible time, the Ballerinas in Red project team will fix the platform back online and will return with information about the qualified contestants and the winner of the Miss/Mister Popularity Award. Stay tuned to find out who are the 12 finalists from each category who qualified for the second stage: jury’s vote!

The project team will also come back for the public with answers for all that questions that could not be answered to date because of the enormous number of emails, Facebook & Instagram messages and not least – phone discussions both verbal & in writing!


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