“BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION” photo contest! Ballet Magazine Romania opens the third edition of the project celebrating Europe Day

Celebrating Europe Day, Ballet Magazine Romania opens submissions for the third edition of the most prestigious international ballet photography competition, “BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION”! Join to celebrate Europe Day! Share the project with your friends! Gain professional exposure & promote your ballet school!

by Ballet Magazine
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Anna-Maria Tsizik & Jessenia Tsenkman, Dance Theater Polly, Tallin
Photo credit: Aleksandr Zaitsev, for “Ballerinas in Red, 2021 edition” 

Celebrating Europe Day, Ballet Magazine Romania will open the entries for the most prestigious international ballet photography competition, “BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION”, starting with 9 May.

With a great and very professional jury, “BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION” by Ballet Magazine Romania, promotes ballet and young ballet dancers, both professional and non-professional, helping them to get both global and professional exposure, also offering great promotional opportunities for their ballet schools and theaters.

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#AmplifyInAction and Europe Day 2022! Europe Day is a day celebrating peace and unity in Europe!


9 May – Europe Day, open entries for “BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION”

After a two very successful first editions in 2020 & 2021, “BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION” makes a fresh start with a new and spectacular format, with three different categories for the participants: Pre-Professional, Semi-Professional and Professional! Find more about enrolling process and login options reading Terms & Conditions (Ts&Cs)

In the ranking of the number of votes received, the first 12 participants from each of the categories mentioned above (Pre-Professional, Semi-Professional & Professional) will be selected for the next stage of the contest, and will be included in the jury vote!

The jury vote will start on September 6 and will be closed on September 20. In ranking of jury notes granted from 1 (the worst) to 10 (the best), the first 12 photos from all three categories, will be selected to be included in the “Ballerinas in Red, 2023” calendar.

No latter then September 30 the final results will be made public in an article published on www.balletmagazine.ro. Find more reading Terms & Conditions (Ts&Cs)


“BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION”, a very professional international jury

The jury will consist of some of the most preeminent international ballet professionals from Ballet Magazine professional community next to some of the Ballet Magazine editorial team.

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Celebrating Europe Day, “BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION” celebrates the beauty of the ballet art

Europe Day is a day to celebrate peace and unity throughout Europe. On this day, it is our collective duty to revitalize the European dream and re-invigorate European integration.

The Constitutional Treaty sets 9 May as Europe Day in memory of the Declaration made by the French Foreign Minister, Robert Schuman, on 9 May 1950, which is conventionally seen as the date on which the building of Europe began.

The celebration of 9 May is not just the celebration of the founding document of European integration. It also provides an opportunity to reflect on the current and real situation which changes daily. It celebrates the realities of life in a European Union based on the principles of the rule of law, a Union that possesses a democratic order founded on popular sovereignty and on values that are now accepted and shared by the vast majority of European people. The meaning of the celebration lies in its commemoration of the path that had to be taken to consolidate these principles and values, without taking for granted the victories won.

Europe Day on 9 May offers a yearly opportunity to bring Europe closer to its citizens. It is a day of information, guidance and discussion of European Union themes, especially, but not just, in schools and universities, with events of a particular cultural and educational content. And this is why Ballet Magazine, the most famos independent media project from Southern, Central & Eastern Europe, invites all ballet lovers to join this celebration!


“BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION” starts on May 9! Share your passion for ballet & photography

Ballet Magazine Romania is the most famous independent media project from Southern, Central & Eastern Europe, but also an independent community that promotes the art of ballet both on line and off line.

We celebrate our representative members of the ballet COMMUNITY, publish interviews, and SHARE daily the stories in our social feeds. In more then three years from launching online, we have promoted the art of ballet articles & interviews and building a strong a very numerous ballet lovers community, counting close to 20k followers on our Facebook page, 6k followers for our Instagram account, adding more then 235k users and 316k sessions on website, from launching to date!


“BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION”! Get enroll and share your passion for dance joining us celebrating Europe Day!

Be inspired! Get the opportunity to be featured in “Ballerinas in Red, 2023” calendar, get professional & international exposure, and have fun along the way. What you need to do to participate, and to win the opportunity to be featured in “Ballerinas in Red 2023” official calendar.

  • Upload two PHOTOS dressed in a red training or stage costume, together with details requested in the registration forms. The photos will be approved and published in a gallery by the Ballet Magazine team, no latter then 24 hours from uploading. The photos will be shared by Ballet Magazine social media profiles
  • Upload a short VIDEO (30 seconds – 2:30 minutes) and send your message to ask your friends & followers for their vote! The video will also be shared by Ballet Magazine social media profiles
  • SHARE your profile with your friends & relatives. Add TAGS @balletmagazineromania, @EuropeanCulturalFoundation, @europeanparliament, @eucouncil, and HASHTAGS #ballerinasinred #europeday #europeanunion #balletmagazineromania #ballet 


“BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION”! Let’s summarize in three steps!

1 Upload photo HERE 

2 SHARE profile on social media accounts & ask your friends to VOTE 

3 TAG @balletmagazineromania, @EuropeanCulturalFoundation, @europeanparliament, @eucouncil and add HASHTAGS  #ballerinasinred #europeday #europeanunion

!More shares, more votes & more chances to be included in “Ballerinas in Red 2023” calendar!

Share the NEWS & spread the JOY!

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