“BALLERIANS IN RED, 2022 EDITION”! See the most spectacular 12 photos, in ranking of the jury vote, to be featured in 2023 Ballerinas in Red calendar

The jury has deliberated! Following the jury vote we are introducing you the most beautiful 12 photographs from the “BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION”. The winners will be featured in the “Ballerinas in Red 2023 Calendar” that will be published no later than 2022 Christmas celebration!

by Ballet Magazine
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The long awaited results of the jury vote for “BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION” have come! The jury has deliberated choosing among the 36 most voted participants, the most spectaculars 12 photos! Those have been voted exclusively according to their quality, on the artistic perspective, and those will be featured in the “Ballerinas in Red 2023 Calendar”.

And the winners are …: Chinara Alizade, Teresa González Ardanaz, Guzu Bianca, Aldona Budny, Gabriela Rachel Rojas Lamoglia, Dalia Yerakhavets, Aleksandra Ostatek, Pedro García, Anastasia Vlachou, Katya Tokar, Bianca Stoica, Lagun Sengelen.

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Meet the jury of the “BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION”! Find out our great internationally renowned and very professional jury partners!

GET ENROLL and share your passion for ballet & photography!! We are OPENING REGISTRATION for the third edition of the “PROFESSIONAL BALLET PHOTOHRAPHY” project, starting with November 1



“BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION” a very high profile competition, with great ballet professional dancers enrolled

Over 50 ballet professionals and professional photographers from all over the world – from Europe to Asia & Latin America, has been enrolled their photo for the third edition of „BALLERINAS IN RED”, 2022 Edition. The project is the first of this kind in Central and Eastern Europe that promotes ballet and ballet dancers.

With more than 30.000 visitors for the competition virtual gallery and tens of thousands of votes, shares and comments on social media, “BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION” has been confirmed as the greatest ballet photography media project in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and an international very well known one!

Being at his third edition “BALLERINAS IN RED” has been a great success with over 70 international submissions for all professional levels, from entry level ballerinas thru some of the very well known dancers from the Europe and all over the world.

Polish National Ballet, State Opera Stara Zagora or Ankara State Ballet are just a couple of the ballet institutions that has been represented in this project by some of their greatest dancers! Also, on the pre-professional category has submitted photos many ballet students at the most renewed ballet schools in the world, like The Moscow State Academy of Choreography or Ballet School Berlin.

Romania has also been so very good represented with student dancers from both two main national ballet schools from Cluj, Chisinau and Bucharest, respectively: Liceul de coregrafie și artă dramatică Octavian Stroia,  Liceul de coregrafie Floria Capsali and Colegiul Național de Coregrafie Chișinău

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In editia sa din 2020, proiectul “BALLERINAS IN RED” a inregistrat 130 de fotografii participante, iar primele cele mai apreciate 12 fotografii au adunat peste 8.000 de voturi. Vezi castigatorii! 


 “BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION” has been successfully celebrating the beauty of the ballet art, also promoting ballet art & ballet dancers

After a two very successful first editions in 2020 & 2021, “BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION” has made a fresh start with a new and spectacular format,  a great virtual gallery and three different categories for the participants: Pre-Professional, Semi-Professional and Professional!  There has been over 70 participants enrolled!

In the ranking of the number of votes received from the public, the first 12 participants from each of the categories mentioned above (Pre-Professional, Semi-Professional & Professional) has be selected for the next stage of the contest, and included in the jury vote. In ranking of jury notes granted from 1 (the worst) to 10 (the best), the first 12 photos from all three categories, has been selected to be featured in the “Ballerinas in Red, 2023” calendar.

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