VeneziainDanza 2022 XIV edition! the review of ballet in three events on Artistic Direction of Michela Barasciutti

Back on stage at the Malibran Theatre, under the artistic direction of Michela Barasciutti, the review of ballet is now reaching its sixteenth edition. Three events will be held during the month of November. Michaela Barasciutti is dancer and choreographer that danced in the main Italian and foreign theaters (Europe and Asia) and, as Artistic Director she has created 26 dance reviews in Venice

by Michele Olivieri
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Back on stage at the Malibran Theatre, under the artistic direction of Michela Barasciutti, the review of ballet is now reaching its sixteenth edition. Three events will be held during the month of November.  13/11: Gala di Danza. The Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana con Etoiles ospiti dal  Marijnsky Theater di San Pietroburgo. 20/11: InCompany (Koln) Serata Bach / Beethoven Marea1 – Marea2. 27/11: Eko Dance Project

Photo Credit: Francesco Barasciutti

Michela Barasciutti is one of the most famous dancers, teachers and choreographers in Italy and world-wide! He danced in the main Italian and foreign theaters (Europe and Asia) and in the main national and international festivals. As Artistic Director of dance reviews / festivals in recent years  she has created 26 dance reviews in Venice.

Also she is often invited as a teacher to hold lessons and stages in classical dance (academic technique) and contemporary dance (technique and choreographic laboratory) and is present in Rovigo as a teacher of contemporary dance at the Advanced Professional Development Courses for Dancers.

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VeneziainDanza 2022 XIV edition at Malibran Theater, Sunday 13 November, The Slovenian National Theater Opera and Ballet Ljubljana

With Etoiles guests from the Marijnsky Theater in St. Petersburg you can find many of the most famous dancers on the international scenes in a series of the most spectacular works, artists and choreographers, as follow. Etoiles (Principal): Anastasia Matvienko (from Marijnsky), Denis Matvienko (from Marijnsky) and Tjaša Kmetec. First Soloist: Lukas Zuschlag, Nina Noah, Ana Klašnja, Petar Dorčevski, Kenta Yamamoto, Lukas Zuschlag. Soloists: Filip Juric, Yaman Kelemet, Filip Juric

In program there you can find

Pas d’Esclave: Choreography José Carlos Martinez, Music Ludwig Minkus, Dancers:Ana Klašnja – Filip Juric

Beethoven Opus 73: Choreography Renato Zanella, Music L.V.Beethoven, Dancers Nina Noč – Lukas Zuschlag

Elegy: Choreography Lynne Charles, Music Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Dancers Yaman Kelemet – Petar Dorčevski

Death of the Swan: Choreography Michel Fokine, Music Camille Saint Saëns, Dancers Anastasia Matvienko (Etoile)

Great Gatsby: Choreography Leo Muijc, Music Glenn Miller, Dancers Tjaša Kmetec – Kenta Yamamoto

Radio and Juliet: Choreography Edward Clug, Music Radiohead, Dancers Anastasia Matvienko – Denis Matvienko

Romeo and Juliet: Choreography Renato Zanella, Music M: Prokoviev, Dancers Nina Noč – Kenta Jamamoto

Empty Place: Choreography Renato Zanella, Music Jon Hassell, Dancers:Yaman Kelemet – Petar Dorčevski

Spring Waltz: Choreography Renato Zanella, Music Johan Strauss Jr., Dancers Tjaša Kmetec – Lukas Zuschlag

Adagietto: Choreography Renato Zanella, Music M: Gustav Mahler, Dancers Ana Klašnja – Filip Juric

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VeneziainDanza 2022 XIV edition at Malibran Theater, Sunday 20 November, InCompany (Kohln) BACH / BEETHOVEN evening with Marea1 – Marea2

On the “Marea 1” (First National), The two protagonists on stage struggle with themselves and their desire to leave an indelible mark in the air. Each one a cosmos of his own, a body, an instrument, an artificial machine. This choreography created on the Chaconne of the Partita for violin n. 2 in D minor by J.S. Bach is a landscape, physical, sound, immersive and in motion. As in an “ethereal” kaleidoscope, in a continuous evolution of timbres and colors, here and there, the complex movement of the limbs cuts through the air. Everything invades the apparently empty, dark space, where muscles, nerves and bones in all their intentions imprint traces that are each directed to the eye of the other, as if to provoke a continuous succession of invisible flashes of light.

On “Marea 2” Beethoven’s tireless drive for artistic renewal together with the typical ideas of his time considered visionary, give his work an apparently inexhaustible, unstoppable and uncontrollable energy like that of a tide. Even the dancers – who are inundated by the sound flows of the fragments of Symphony No. 7 together with the new electronic compositions by Stefan Bohne and Wolfgang Voigt – are exposed to this energy that testifies and highlights a constant change. All interpreters undertake a search for what they are and what they want to be. Thus begins a playful journey of discovery where traditional compositional choreographic schemes are accepted and shaken off again, where new information and experiences create new dynamic and choreographic constellations that overlap one another. Everything and everyone overwhelmed by a sound flood and vibrating flowing movements.

Choreography / Idea Emanuele Soavi; Co-Choreography, Dance and Performance Federico Casadei, Lisa Kirsch, Giacomo Luci, Taeyeon Kim, Nimrod Poles, Mihyun Ko, Lorenzo Molinaro,

Music / New Composition Johan Sebastian Bach, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Stefan Bohne, Wolfgang Voigt, Ashley Wright

Stage Design and Costumes Darko Petrovic, Heike Engelbert Mediation and Project Coordinator Miriam Leysner Production Management Achim Conrad, Alexandra Schmidt Public Relations / Communication Dr. Anne-Kathrin Reif Photo Joris Jan Bos

A production by Emanuele Soavi incompany In coproduction with Oper Köln, Duisburger Philharmoniker, TanzFaktur Köln With the support of Stadt Köln, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, DIEHL + RITTER / TANZPAKT RECONNECT, Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen der Initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Hilfsprogramm Tanz

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VeneziainDanza 2022 XIV edition at Malibran Theater Sunday 27 November, EKO DANCE PROJECT, Extracts from “Sleeping Beauty”,  choreography Mats Ek, music Piotr Tchaikovsky

Eko Dance Project, under the guidance of Pompea Santoro, presents an evening in which the theme of love and beauty are at the center of the choreography. The first (Extracts from “Sleeping Beauty” – Choreography Mats Ek), brings to the stage a profane love in the most human sense of the term, a love born from the suffering of a young teenager and become dependent and destructive that shares nothing with the archetypal sacred but tragically love reflects a decadent and non-empathic humanity. “Messiahaendel”, an original creation by choreographer Paolo Mohovich, MessiaHeandel presents some images of sacred history as if they were paintings in a Caravaggesque atmosphere. It revolves around that religious love which is represented by the saving sacrifice made by Jesus for the whole of humanity, therefore a total love that embraces without reserve and self-immolates in a completely altruistic way. Some choral excerpts are presented together with the two passages of Mary and Joseph and of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. Jesus represents eternal love, the one that will save humanity.

EKO DANCE PROJECT was born as a spontaneous experiment in 2011 and turns in October 2012 into a real project where Pompea Santoro celebrates both classical and contemporary preparation of the highest level. Master Mats Ek has inspired Pompea for more than 30 years and this has led her to develop her own method for the study of ballet. The experience of Pompea is flanked by that of her husband Veli Peltokallio, who shared with her the years spent as solo dancers and principal dancers of the Cullberg Ballet.

Eko Dance therefore rests on solid artistic and professional foundations from which it draws inspiration to propose new educational paths, to facilitate the enjoyment of culture, to disseminate and promote dance among young people, to offer an opportunity for technical and artistic growth to all young dancers. It thus becomes an Italian excellence, which since 2019 has the support and patronage of the Piedmont Region, recognized as a high-level training project.

Pompea Santoro is one of the most important dancers in the international arena, who for 25 years danced in the most prestigious theaters in the world, as a soloist and principal dancer of the Cullberg Ballet, famous for its choreographer Mats Ek and for the exceptional technical qualities of its dancers.

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Michela Barasciuti is one of the most famous dancers, teachers and choreographers in Italy and world-wide! She has created 26 dance reviews in Venice, she is often invited as a teacher and is a teacher of contemporary dance

MICHELA BARASCIUTTI, dancer and choreographer, born in Venice, studies classical and contemporary dance at the Luciana De Fanti school in Venice.  He danced in the main Italian and foreign theaters (Europe and Asia) and in the main national and international festivals.  At 18 she was a solo dancer for the Bussotti Opera Festival in Sylvano Bussotti’s opera Autotono. For two years he was part of the “L’Ensemble” Ballet Company, directed by Misha Van Hoecke, in the creations “Doucha”, “Dernière Danse” and “Aquilon”. She held the role of Prima Ballerina in two opera companies: Gran Teatro “La Fenice” and at the “Carlo Felice” in Genoa paired with Vladimir Derevianko.

Known and appreciated by the Italian specialized press, it has collected positive reviews from some of the major critics including Vittoria Ottolenghi (RAI), Alberto Testa (Repubblica), Luigi Rossi (La Stampa), Tino Dalla Valle (Il Resto del Carlino ), Carmela Piccione (Il Tempo), Ermanno Romanelli (Dance & Dance) etc.

In 1991 he founded the Compagnia Tocnadanza recognized by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Municipality of Venice, the Province of Venice and the Veneto Region. To this day it boasts collaborations and co-productions with prestigious organizations and festivals such as: La Biennale di Venezia (in 2002 and 2007), Teatro La Fenice in Venice (Training Area), Ravello Festival – Campania Region, Camerata Musicale Barese, Collezione Peggy Guggenheim Venice, Benedetto Marcello Music Conservatory of Venice, Teatro del Sottosuolo (CI), Vignale Danza, Il Gesto e l’Anima (TO) and many others.

As a choreographer she started in December 1991, with one of his choreography (Born – Never asked) he won the first prize at the Chiavari International Competition. Already in the summer of the same year he founded his own company, “Tocnadanza”, and created, with his own choreography, the show “Nuances”. Subsequently he realizes, also taking care of the choreography, the video “Kafka Project”, on a subject by Silvano Rubino.

In 2010-11, in addition to the new creation “Looking Out”, the show “Made in Italy – I soliti ignoti” was performed in many theaters and festivals for the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. In 2012 he created “Vestita di Terra e di Mare”, in co-production with Teatro del Sottosuolo – Carbonia (CI) and represented for the “Teatri di Pietra” in Sardinia. For this show, Ottavia Piccolo recorded a poem by Wislawa Szymborska exclusively for Tocnadanza.

In 2013 it is “Fiore Vicino” (New staging by: Di Terra e di Altro “) again with choreography by Michela Barasciutti and premiered in Venice at the Malibran Theater on behalf of the Teatro La Fenice (Training Area), premiered in December 2012 and in the national premiere in Rovigo in the ballet season of the Teatro Sociale in February 2013.

Another 2013 production is “Untitled – Tribute to Peggy Guggenheim”, in collaboration with Teatro La Fenice in Venice (Training Area) and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice – in co-production with: Festival VeneziainDanza 2013 (Thanks to Luigi Nono’s heirs for the kind concession of the use of the piece: A face, of the sea)

In 2015 he created the show “Notturni d’acqua”. Dedicated to the city of Venice, in co-production with the 2015 VeneziainDanza Festival

In 2016, for the 150th anniversary of the birth of Erik Satie, he created the show “Le Camere di Satie” with live musicians, in co-production with Musicavenezia and in collaboration with the Benedetto Marcello Music Conservatory and Carlo Montanaro Archive.

In 2017 he created, for the 25th anniversary of the Tocnadanza Company, the show “7 Quadri + 1“.

For the Training Area of ​​the La Fenice Theater, he stages: “Made in Italy”, “Fiore Accanto”, “Notturni d’acqua” and “Peggy Untilted”.

In 2018 he presented the show “Peggy Untitled” – Dedicated to Peggy Guggenheim at the Ravello Festival, a new staging desired and produced by the Ravello festival and the Campania Region.

As a teacher she is often invited as a teacher to hold lessons and stages in classical dance (academic technique) and contemporary dance (technique and choreographic laboratory). He is present in Rovigo as a teacher of contemporary dance at the Advanced Professional Development Courses for Dancers for the Veneto Region together with MauroBigonzetti, Robert North, Margarita Trayanova, Massimo Morricone.

From these workshops he develops a choreographic research work that will take the form of a ballet, “The Journey of the Other”, to original music by Stefano Maria Ricatti, presented at the Teatro Sociale in Rovigo. She was the didactic director for the Professional Development Courses for Choreographers for the Veneto Region.

She is the director of the “meeting-study” workshops for dancers with important teachers and choreographers including Micha Van Hoecke (principal dancer and assistant to the choreography of Maurice Bejart as well as director of the School of Bejart “Mudra”) and Pompea Santoro (before dancer of the Cullberg Ballet and assistant to the choreography of Mats Ek). The Phoenix Dance Theater in London, host company of La Biennale di Venezia, requested her performance as “maitre de ballet”. He has held courses in “motor expression” for opera singers for the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory of Music in Venice.

As Artistic Director of dance reviews / festivals in recent years as artistic director she has created 26 dance reviews in Venice, from “Danza Aperto” (Arena Candiani) to Mestre, to Venice “Percorsi d’Autore – review of new authors” and the “dance” section of “Teatro in Campo “(Campo Pisani), PercorsiIndanza (Aurora Theater – Candiani Auditorium) and the” VeneziainDanza “review at the Malibran Theater (in collaboration with the Teatro La Fenice) hosting in these events both national companies, young authors and some of the most important institutions world dance championships (eg the ballet of the Hannover Opera, the principal dancers of the Bayerische StaatsBallet, those of the Vienna Opera, Aterballetto etc…). In 2016, on his proposal, the project “Les Italiens de l’Opera de Paris” was born, a Grand Gala with Etoiles, Principal Dancers and Soloists of the Paris Opera presented at the Malibran Theater.

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