What do ballet and Bentley have in common? Six Special Luxury Bentayga Speed Models celebrating Russian Ballet

Bentley Mulliner has just finished work on six special Bentayga Speed models designed to celebrate the Russian ballet as part of a series of vehicles called the Russian Heritage Edition

by Ballet Magazine
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These six Bentayga Speed models form part of the annual Russian Heritage Editions project that Bentley undertakes for its Russian customers. Each of the six models focuses on a specific ballet move and each example has already been sold.

Bentley is keen on launching an annual series of vehicles called the Russian Heritage Edition that honors Russian heritage. It starts here with six Bentayga created through Bentley’s in-house Mulliner group, each one different in color and trim but all paying tribute to ballet.

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Each of the six special-edition Bentayga boast unique exterior colors and bespoke interior designs

In addition to special colors inside and out, each SUV features ballet embroidery on the seatbacks and passenger side dash. Additionally, each Bentayga bears the name of a different ballet move on the door sill. It sounds like a very Bentley thing to do, but honestly, it seems very strange to do it on a enormous SUV. This ballet collection uses the amped-up Bentayga Speed version, delivering 626 horsepower (467 kilowatts) from its big V12 to all four wheels.

“We are excited to present the exclusive Bentayga Speed Russian Heritage Collection to our Russian customers,” head of Bentley Russia Christian Schlick said in a statement.


“This project is built on the passion for perfection, which Bentley shares with such a grand and sophisticated art as ballet, the central motif of this year’s limited edition. These six unique SUVs will be delivered by Bentley Moscow and Moscow-Volgogradskiy at the end of the year, as all of the cars are already allocated.”


Since 2014, Bentley’s Mulliner personalization department has created more than 1,000 bespoke commissions, making dream designs a reality

Each of the six special-edition Bentaygas boast unique exterior colors and bespoke interior designs. Out of the collection, three of the Bentaygas feature two-tone exterior finishes. One example is finished in Windsor Blue paint over Light Windsor Blue with a Twine and Imperial Blue leather interior combined with Liquid Amber Veneer.

Another is painted in Silver Storm over Damson with an Autumn and Damson leather interior combined with Koa Veneer. The final dual-tone Bentayga has a Moonbeam over Moroccan Blue exterior, while the interior is appointed with Twine and Imperial Blue leather and Liquid Amber Veneer.

A silhouette of a ballet dancer also features on the dashboard and is embroidered on the front seats. In addition, each Bentayga in the collection is named after a ballet move, which is displayed on the treadplate.

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