15 Top Ballet Magazines Printed Publications! From Australia to Europe, get to know them and subscribe to right now!

There’s no doubt that people’s reading habits are changing. However, research shows that two thirds of us still read printed books and half of us read printed magazines. Here is a list of the best Dance & Ballet Magazines currently in print

by Cherciu Lavinia
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It might seem to be a foolish writing about actual printed Magazines in an era of virtual reads on the internet! But we all remember the times when we used to spend afternoons devouring the pages of the glamorous magazines, cutting out favorite photos, creating collages and tacking them to walls or covering our school books with!

But the most important thing about magazines is that they take us away from our screens – it is great to be able to read an article on the go on our phone, but it nicer to be tech and screen free! Smell and feel the paper, admire paper photos and really get a feel of what is going on in the dance world.

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Physically holding printed magazines, turning the pages, their touch and smell gives us a much more powerful connection with the content

Reading printed material helps you to cut down your screen time and it’s an immersive experience. A study by Bournemouth University and PHD Media found that 60% of consumers say they don’t do anything else while they are reading a magazine, compared to 35% for social media.

The reason is probably the quality of the content magazines provide. That’s just one reason why some publishers (like Hearst for example), have announced that they will be increasing the number of issues of their flagship lifestyle magazine, Prima, from 12 to 13 in 2021.

There’s also an increasing recognition that the experience of reading digital and print media is distinctively different. For example, researcher Nicola Yuill has looked at the way parents and children interact when reading digital and printed material. She has identified differences in emotional engagement when reading print.

Interestingly, there’s also discussion about the impact of links, buttons, and animations in a lot of digital content, which distracts you from simply reading the words. In contrast, the traditional skills of magazine production such as layout, design and photography, all help to guide readers through the content in an attractive and engaging way.

Last, but by no means least, physically holding printed magazines and books, turning the pages, their touch and smell gives us a much more powerful connection with the content. The quality of the paper and the sound of turning the pages all contribute to the overall experience of reading in print.

There’s no doubt that people’s reading habits are changing

However, research shows that two thirds of us still read printed books and half of us read printed magazines. So without further ado, here is a list of 15 TOP Dance & Ballet Magazines currently in print today that you can buy and subscribe to!


Dance Australia is Australia’s leading dance specialist magazine & website and the most respected dance journal in the country. The articles and reviews are written by the cream of Australia’s dance journalists.

The beautiful photographs and glossy design make the magazine a work of art in itself –a keepsake for anyone who loves dance. The beautiful website is the perfect supplement to the magazine, and carries breaking news, the latest reviews, audition notices and an extensive directory of dance schools.

With his digital platforms as well as much-loved print magazine, Dance Australia is the most effective and efficient way for all those in the business of dance to reach their target market.

Dance Australia covers ballet, contemporary, music theatre, dance education and allied arts and it is inspiring reading for dancers of all levels, from students to professionals, keeping the community connected with the latest news, issues and personalities as well as each other!

Every issue of new subscription delivers the latest news and gossip, dancer and instructor profiles, in-depth features, health and training tips, performance advice from medical specialists and reviews by critics who know their subject.



The Wonderful World of Dance is one of the most dynamic ballet known publication with a team of contributors including dancers, dance teachers and dance photographers from the UK, USA and Europe, and more then 300,000 followers across 50 countries.

The Wonderful World of Dance glossy print & digital magazine has sold across the world from Australia, Iceland, China, USA and beyond, and aspires to create the most beautiful dance community in the world, that showcases dancers and dance artists to reveal who they are as people, what they think and what they feel, as we delve into their dance lives.

The Wonderful World of Dance have interviewed incredible dancers, choreographers, artistic directors from top dance and ballet companies from around the world. Each edition is like a luxury high quality glossy book you can keep forever.

The Wonderful World of Dance it’s about the dance photography, with full page beautiful and exclusive photos, exclusive interviews shining a light on who dancers are, what they feel and their dance journeys.

A showcase that you’ll want to keep coming back to time and time again, for the incredible photos, dancer insights, divine fashions, hottest dancewear, beauty and travel guides.



With 80 pages every issue, image dominated website and daily social network updates, Dancetrain is one of the most known Australasian dance magazines. Inspiring dancers to be the best they can be whilst continuing their academic education, Dancetrain is a 80 page printed magazine published every two months and distributed around the country for student dancers, school teachers and studio teachers.

Each issue Dancetrain provides Lesson Plans and Professional Development material for school teachers currently engaged in teaching Academic Dance. Also health care professionals, including: Physiotherapists, Nutritionist, Psychologists, Rehabilitation practitioners and Pilates Instructors, who have a history of treating dancers contribute articles relevant to dancers health and well-being.

So, if you are a student dancer, a teacher engaged in the private or public sector, a parent of a dancer: you will find this publication a valuable tool – with factual, relevant articles that inspire, inform and motivate. Dani Brown is the Publisher and the Editor of Dancetrain magazine.



Dance Magazine is probably one of the most well known Dance Magazines in the world. It is published monthly by Dance Media LLC who also publish Dance Spirit, Pointe Magazine and Dance Teacher which are all printed less frequently and are geared at more niche audiences.

Dance Magazine was first published in 1927 but back then it was known as The American Dancer. The magazine is well known for covering ballet and modern dance, Broadway, tap and commercial dance although it does leave a lot of popular trends to be covered through its sister magazine Dance Spirit.

It also primarily focuses on it’s US market – the advertising is mainly US based, although you will see world dance issues and dancers covered as they come into focus and are important to the overall understanding of dance in the world. In every issue you can also find wellbeing issues discussed such as injury prevention, nutrition tips, and fitness.

An in-training section that highlights teachers and coaches with top tips on how to improve. A career-focused segment highlighting insights into the opportunities that dance can bring as well as essays from the biggest dance stars and conversations and discussions on timely issues.



Dance Spirit Magazine is the little sibling of Dance Magazine. It caters for the young adult and teen dancer, but that is not a totally accurate description of the magazine which basically has a more upbeat and modern vibe to it, compared to Dance Magazine.

Dance Spirit features a larger variety of dance styles, the latest trends, alternative choreography and has a much more contemporary feel to its articles compared to Dance Magazine. It is filled with photos of the coolest dancers as well as tips, training and advice. It includes a letter written by star dancers to their teenage selves sharing their knowledge with readers, a Dear Katie column where Kathryn Morgan, a Miami Ballet Soloist answers questions.

A series called ‘Off the Record’ tells the stories of dancers, ‘Body Buzz’ is where all things health-related can be found. ‘Spotlight’ addresses technique and training advice, ‘College Corner’ spills everything you need to know about dancing at college.

A ‘You Should Know’ section highlights up and coming artists, projects and companies and a segment called ‘Plus’ that details competition advice and information. The biggest difference between Dance Magazine and Dance Spirit is that it is a quarterly publication rather than monthly like Dance Magazine!



Dance Teacher is a magazine, published every two months that focuses on issues dance teachers and studio owners face. It spotlights teacher stories and provides information on training, trends, current issues, and advice on operating and owning a dance studio.

Specifically, it has pages where experts answer questions, and master teachers demonstrate their knowledge, strategies, and tools are discussed and theory and practice are looked at. There is also a section with a round-up of essential dance news. A subscription would be a great idea for your dance teacher or someone you know who is thinking or wanting to become a teacher.



Pointe is another member of Dance Magazine family, focused on professional ballet dancer, providing valuable training and career advice for students and young professionals.  Releasing four times a year, Pointe covers international news on company debuts, competition results and so on.

Pointe is a magazine that is written for ballet dancers and students. Published in the magazine are features on professional ballet dancers, as well as tips and advice for those who dance themselves. It is known well for publishing features on popular professional ballet dancers from around the world. One recent article features Maria Kochetkova whose dancing, according to one writer, blends “high fashion with high art.” A column included in the same issue titled “Show and Tell” examines the contents of one professional’s dance bag, while another focuses on the growing roles that men are playing in the world of ballet.

Readers of Pointe are treated to countless articles that provide tips and advice on becoming better dancers. One recent installment of a popular column titled “Ask Amy” contains advice on polishing pirouettes, answers the question of why knee dislocations should never be ignored, and instructs readers on how to make it through difficult “Nutcracker” performances. Beginners and experts alike will find advice on techniques that is appropriate for their levels of skill.

A subscription to Pointe makes a great gift for anyone who is interested in ballet, whether they are a student or dance on the professional level. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Pointe.



With insightful articles from dancers, choreographers, instructors, directors, dance and talent competition producers, stylists, health experts and more, Inside Dance delivers an all-new, all-access, fresh take on the world of dance!

From the competition side at the Studio, School (high school and college) and All Star level to conventions, tours and the commercial and professional side of dance, Inside Dance has all of the bases covered!

With insightful articles from dancers, choreographers, instructors, directors, dance and talent competition producers, stylists, health experts and more, the magazine offers the inside scoop from the world of dance, all with breath-taking photography. Though dance itself takes center stage, fashion, costumes, dancewear and health & fitness also play a pivotal role in each issue.



The Dance Current is a magazine that takes the reader inside the art and culture of dance in Canada. Regular print issues include artist profiles, interviews, feature articles, opinions and critical commentary from people in the profession, plus event highlights to keep readers informed about upcoming performances.

Digital platforms highlight performance reviews from across the country and providing online resources for dancers and audiences.

The Dance Current is also an indispensable resource and communication tool for the dance professional. The magazine offers free performance listings and a wide range of advertising options for the promotion of performances, events, products and services.

Available by subscription and by single copy at selected newsstands or in digital format, The Dance Current is essential reading for anyone with an interest in Canadian dance, and is published by Dance Media Group, a charitable non-profit organization. In tandem with its regular publishing activities, Dance Media Group strives to deepen engagement with dance communities across Canada through knowledge mobilization, publishing projects and programming.



Ballet Magazine Romania is the main representative ballet media project in Southern, Central & Eastern Europe, but also an very dynamic and powerful independent community that promotes and champions the art of ballet both on and off line.

Focused on Romania and his neighbors countries from  Southern, Central & Eastern Europe, Ballet Magazine Romania adds for his public the most important news and personalities from all over the world.

Ballet Magazine Romania has all of the areas covered! With insightful articles from dancers, choreographers, instructors, directors, dance and talent competition producers, stylists, health experts and more, Ballet Magazine Romania offers the inside scoop from the world of dance, all with breath-taking photography.

Ballet Magazine Romania celebrates the most representative members of both the Romanian & international ballet community, publishes interviews and share daily the stories in the social media feeds.



Dance Europe is an international ballet and dance magazine published in London, which was founded in November 1995 by Emma Kauldhar and Naresh Kauldhar. Current contributors, many of whom have had careers as professional dancers or choreographers, include: Mark Baird, Pandora Beaumont, Valentina Bonelli, Isabelle Brouwers, Gerard Davis, Mike Dixon, François Fargue, Maina Gielgud, Amanda Jennings, Alison Kent, Ali Mahbouba, Trina Mannino, Mia Nadasi, Yuki Nagano, Catherine Pawlick, Robert Penman, Susan Pond, Gonzalo Preciado-Azanza, Lydia Radetsky, Julia Sumzina, Lucy Van Cleef, Viki Westall.

Dance Europe is published six times a year in London and distributed worldwide. The magazine features comprehensive articles on all things related to dance, from dance shows, to dance moves, to different forms of dance, to interviews of famous dancers, to dance choreography, to dance music, to dance lighting, to dance schools, to any information that you might want to know about dance.

Dance Europe seeks to integrate various cultures through the medium of dance. Although its primary focus is on European dance, every issue of this magazine features stunning images on dance, and articles from some of the biggest experts in the world of dance. It also features performance diaries of noted and leading dance artists.



Dancing Times first published in 1894 as the house magazine of the Cavendish Rooms, London, a ballroom dancing establishment, is the oldest monthly devoted to dancing. It was bought in 1910 by P J S Richardson and T M Middleton and transformed into a national periodical, covering all forms of dancing, and reporting worldwide.

Largely through the initiative of Richardson, and his contacts throughout the dance teaching and performing profession, it played an instrumental part in the founding of the Royal Academy of Dance, the Camargo Society for the encouragement and presentation of British ballet (1930–33), and the British Board of Ballroom Dancing (now the British Dance Council), which codified the technique and controls the standards of the “English Style” of ballroom dancing.

Richardson continued as editor until 1958 when he was succeeded by A H Franks, journalist and author of books on ballet and social dancing, but remained president until his death in 1963. Franks split off the ballroom section of the magazine into a second periodical, Ballroom Dancing Times, and in 1962 doubled the format of Dancing Times to its present size.

Franks died suddenly in 1963 and Mary Clarke, then assistant editor, became editor. In 2015 the ballroom and social dance magazine, by then given the title Dance Today, was reintegrated into the pages of Dancing Times so that the magazine now covers all aspects of dance.

Dancing Times, edited by Jonathan Gray since Clarke’s retirement from the editorship in 2008, continues its original stated policy to maintain the highest standards of criticism and illustration, give voice to leading authorities, encourage high standards of teaching, encourage awareness of dance history and stress the importance of dance in education. For more than 100 years Dancing Times has remained the leader in its field, sustained by loyal readers and advertisers alike.



Dance for You Magazine is an international Dance Magazine published in Germany. From the School to theatre the magazine follows the whole dance! Exclusive interviews and portraits, exciting reviews about the best premiers, festivals, competitions, schools, training opportunities worldwide as well as useful advices for dancers.

Dance for You Magazine has been dedicated to the dance, a forum for dance and dance training. You will find in the magazine a range of interesting information and news around the theme Ballet and Dance, news and information about ballet schools, reports on ballet competitions for dance students, information on vocabulary courses as dancers, and an excellent meeting and many more. The contents of the accounts are unique.



Founded in Milan in 1986, Danza&Danza is the Italian leading magazine about the world of dance. Published bimonthly by DNZ media, editor in chief Maria Luisa Buzzi, DANZA&DANZA magazine is the first born of a current platform of media devoted to the international dancescape.

Danza&Danza magazine, in Italian, is edited in two editions: the printed paper and digital. The printed edition is distributed and all over Italy in newsstands and at La Scala Shop in Teatro alla Scala, Milan, or by subscriptions (Italy and abroad).  DANZA&DANZA International – only in digital edition oh the App – is the latest arrival in the DNZ media family.

In English language, it is coinceived for the international readers with news, features, topics, culture from all over the world. Daily news and updated information about artists and events, interview, reviews and multimedia contents appear on the web pages of danzaedanza.com (Italian and English languages).

Danza&Danza offers bimonthly interviews with dance stars, news from the Italian dance scene, reviews and features on ballet and contemporary dance plus a shopping section.

The Danza&Danza International edition is not simply a translation of the Italian magazine! It has been created with an international audience mind, as an edition for anyone who wants to find out more about great Italian theatres and festivals.

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