„BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION” winners! Find below the special prize winner & the top 12 participants qualified for the second stage – the jury vote

„BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION”, a competition with a lot of passion and often with actions on the edge of the regulation, has reached the end! The first 12 competitors qualified for the next stage has been selected also the winner of the special prize of 1000 EUR.

by Cherciu Lavinia
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With close to 75 participants from all over the world „BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION” has ended in a very passionate and turbulent race! With over 30.000 users accessing the website for giving their vote in the last couple of days of the competition, the contest platform has encountered hours of maintenance and lot of work for restoration.

We invite you to find below the competitors qualified for the jury vote to get featured in “Ballerinas in Red 2023 Calendar”, and the winner of the special prize! Unfortunately, there were competitors whose practices used to attract votes were far outside the framework of fairness and fair play required by the regulation. One of them has been disqualified because of the very inappropriate practices used to add votes!

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„BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION”, an edition with a lot of passion and tens of thousands of website users daily

More than 30.000 users per day have been accessing the contest platform in the last days of the competition. This was way more than our servers and our technical team could handle in time, and despite our efforts the platform has a couple delicate moments when in different areas of the world the votes could be registered but in other parts of the world they don’t!

Dozens of messages from competitor that couldn’t gather votes because of those specific problems with the contest platform, asked for a deadline delay! Eger to offer all competitors equal conditions of equidistant treatment the project team has prolonged the deadline with one week!

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„BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION”, participants from all over the world with great names enrolled

More than 13.000 votes counted, over 300.000 accesses to the contest’s web page and hundred thousand interactions on the social media accounts are the main statistics of the most FAMOUS Central and East European ballerina ballet photo project.

The third edition of „BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION” has attracted photographers & ballerinas from Russia to Western Europe and from Asia & Australia reaching Latin America; many of the ballerinas enrolled for the “professional” category are artists on the greatest national or international ballet companies all over the world or students of the greatest ballet high schools in Europe, like: Polish National Ballet, State Opera Stara Zagora, Ankara State Ballet, The Moscow State Academy of Choreography, Choreographic and Arts High School Octavian Stroia from Cluj, Choreographic High School Floria Capsali from Bucharest, Choreographic High School from Chisinau, State Ballet School Berlin or Balletakademie der Wiener Staatsoper.


„BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION” find below the participants qualified in the jury vote stage, to be featured in “Ballerinas in Red 2023 Calendar”

The first 12 ballerinas in each of the three categories, in the ranking of the votes received from the public, are then qualified in the jury vote stage! Please find below the names and their photos!


Natalia Trafankowska

Teresa González Ardanaz

Stan Alexandra

Alicia Brauns

Aldona Budny

Aleksandra Ostatek

Lagun Sengelen

Pedro García

Chinara Alizade

Dalia Yerakhavets

Valeria Espitia

Vasiana Salajan



Trifan Selena

Guzu Bianca

Alessia Zeina Murat

Bianca Stoica

Varga Teofana Elena

Sandu Alexandrina

Vranescu Sofia

Ene Daria

Gramada Dragos 

Katya Tokar

Gabriela Rachel Rojas Lamoglia

Maria Cotinghiu



Sophia Ciomeica

Bogomila Ilieva

Eva Acsinte

Gudu Maria Natalia

Anastasia Vlachou

Popa Bianca

Corneanu Eva

Stilyana Kyurova

Popa Rebeca

Munteanu Mara

Potlog Natalia

Oancă Amelia Andreea


„BALLERINAS IN RED, 2022 EDITION” the winner of the special prize of 1000 EUR

With a surprising evolution, and a large proportion of votes added in the last days of the competition, the most voted profile has been SOPHIA CIOMEICA, that has added 3483 votes! Sophia won the special prize and has been qualified for the second stage of the competition, the jury vote!


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