Ballet dancer Dusty Button, husband Mitchell Taylor Button accused of sexually abusing young dancers

An expanded lawsuit accuses Dusty Button, Boston Ballet's former principal dancer, of befriending the underage girl in 2014 and introducing her to her husband, dance teacher Mitchell Taylor Button. The couple then allegedly plied the girl with booze and took her back to their home where Mitchell allegedly raped her

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According to a federal proceeding, former Boston Ballet Dusty Button and her husband Mitchell Taylor Button have been accused of sexually abusing several dancers, including minors. Taylor Button was accused in the summer, but the latest complaint filed Thursday also nominated his wife.

Dusty Button was a Boston Ballet ballerina from 2012 to 2017 and has since grown a large Instagram by emphasizing her coveted international workshops, masterclasses and dance numbers.

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The girl was part of the apprenticeship program which is designed for talented high school students aged 14

An expanded lawsuit was filed late last week adding three more alleged victims to the lawsuit which names Dusty Button and her husband Mitchell Taylor Button. Among the new accusers is Jane Doe 100 who claims she was raped by Mitchell.

Dusty, Boston Ballet’s former principal dancer, allegedly befriended the underage girl in 2014 and introducing her to former principal dancer Mitchell. The couple then allegedly plied the girl with booze and took her back to their home where Mitchell allegedly raped her.

The girl was part of the apprenticeship program which is designed for talented high school students aged 14 and over who are wanting to make a career out of dance.


On July 28, a lawsuit was brought by two professional dancers Sage Humphries and Gina Menichino accusing Mitchell of sexual assaulting them and Dusty of aiding her husband in his abuse

A complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in Nevada in July alleged that Taylor Button “used his position of power and influence in the dance world to sexually abuse young dancers across the country.” What the dancer insists?

Boston Ballet dancer Sage Humphreys and dancer Gina Menicino allege to Taylor Button that he has manipulated and groomed them for sexual assault over the years. According to complaints, Menicino took a dance lesson from Taylor Button at the age of 13. According to the complaint, Taylor Button sexually assaulted Menicino twice in 2010, sharing a blanket while watching a movie with other dance students.

When Taylor Button traveled outside the state, he “will stay in touch with Gina, including sending and soliciting sexually explicit photos and videos,” the complaint said. “We look forward to revealing both names in court,” Button’s lawyer, Mark Jon Landaza, told CNN. “We are not trying this issue in the media.”

According to court documents, Randaza cites the Nevada statute of limitations and has petitioned to dismiss the proceedings denying the allegations.

Mr. Landaza also said the allegations made in the complaint were “written to make the media interested in the case and to fuel the anger of those who read the complaint.”

The judge dismissed Randaza’s motion to throw the case because it was directed to the original complaint. Other whistleblowers have been moving forward since the motion was filed.

“Our position remains the same,” Randaza told CNN about the motion to dismiss.

The proceedings allege that Dusty Button held Humphreys down and she could not move while her husband invaded her without her consent.

According to the proceedings, Button was sexually trafficked because he seduced Humphreys to “pretend to promote her career and professional development in exchange for threats, intimidation, and sexual activity, and to cross the border between Button and the state.” Engaged in buying and selling .. “

Another dancer identified as Jane Do 100 is a minor taking care of a button allegedly sexually assaulting her in “a room with a mattress on the floor and a gun arsenal hanging on the wall.” Was a person.

Sigrid McCawley, a lawyer for plaintiffs Sage Humphries, Gina Menichino, Rosemarie DeAngelo, Danielle Gutierrez and Jane Doe 100, has sent a statement to CNN regarding the proceedings against Button.

“Taylor and Dusty Button can no longer use the world of dance to commit criminal acts against young girls. A brave woman has come forward and says that this must be stopped.”


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