Diana Ionescu: In “The Sleeping Beauty” I felt like a princess!

by Mihaela Ivan
Diana Ionescu
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Dornröschen,Chr.: Marcia Haydée, Tänzer/Dancer:  Diana Ionescu, Ensemble © Stuttgarter Ballett

Diana Ionescu is a name that not only Constanţa should be proud of. Beneath her beautiful face, under her delicate appearance, hides a winning profile: she is talented, she knows what she wants, she is persevering, disciplined and she works enormously to achieve her dreams, she makes sacrifices that many, out of convenience, are not able to make them.

Most girls dream of becoming princesses. For Diana Ionescu, this dream came true at the beginning of this year, when she was Princess Aurora in  ” The Sleeping Beauty”, by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, performance staged by the Stuttgart Ballet Company, under Marcia Haydée choreography. Everything prepared her for this moment in her career.

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For three years, since she joined the Stuttgart company, she has gone through all the stages. For a short time, she became an apprentice, then she was taken in the Corps de ballet and after that, she was promoted to demi soloist. During this time, she danced all the roles in “Sleeping Beauty”, so it seemed natural to be cast in the role of Princess Aurora, especially since she was followed by the promotion as a soloist.

Diana Ionescu

Dornröschen Chr.: Marcia Haydée Tänzer/Dancer: Diana Ionescu, Daniele Silingardi, Fabio Adorisio, Ensemble © Stuttgarter Ballett


When I danced in” Sleeping Beauty “I felt like a princess. I had great emotions, especially in the first act, but my colleagues, who are also my friends, helped me a lot. At Aurora’s party, when there are dozens of dancers on stage, while dancing I felt at home, because I saw around me only familiar and friendly faces.


It is remarkable that at the age of 20 she made her debut as a soloist in a prestigious ballet company and had as a stage partner the famous Friedmann Vogel, named “Dancer of the Year” by the prestigious trade journal Tanz in 2010 and 2019.

“At the first rehearsals I had emotions, because I wanted to be perfect for him, because I knew that he danced with the great ballerinas of the world. But Friedmann was exceptional both as a person and as a partner. We had already danced together in Mayerling, where I played the role of Princess Stephanie. But it was something completely different: a painful dance. “Sleeping Beauty” is something else, a classical ballet. It was a very beautiful experience “, says Diana Ionescu.

And she lived it to the fullest: “We couldn’t repeat it on stage before. All the other dancers had already danced the show many times, so we had the rehearsal and the premiere in one evening! ”.

And, unfortunately, so far only that evening has remained. Due to the pandemic, no other representation of “The Sleeping Beauty” took place.

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