Opera Europa elected its new Board. Welcome to Hannah Griffiths, Fulvio Macciardi and Carolin Wielpütz

Opera Europa is an organization that represents opera companies and festivals in Europe. It aims to foster collaboration, exchange knowledge, and promote the art form across the continent

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At its 2023 General Assembly on 31 March in Wiesbaden, Opera Europa elected its new Board! Welcome to Hannah Griffiths, Fulvio Macciardi and Carolin Wielpütz!

Opera Europa’s newly elected board President & Vice-Presidents are: Ignacio Garcia-Belenguer Laita, President – General Manager, Teatro Real; Laura Berman, Vice-President – Intendantin, Staatstheater Hannover; Martin Glaser, Vice-President – General Director, National Theatre Brno

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Opera Europa’s Newly Elected Board: Strengthening Collaboration and Shaping the Future of Ballet

Opera Europa is an organization that represents opera companies and festivals in Europe. A recent benchmark shows that 45% of Opera Europa members run an in-house dance company, and another 20% present dance from guest companies within their season.

As the artistic collaboration between opera and dance companies evolves with hybrid projects, and administrative, technical and audience departments integrate their work for a wider expertise and the benefit of the staff, Opera Europa offers a platform for dance entities affiliated to opera theatres to discuss their own specific issues.

Opera Europa, the esteemed organization representing opera companies and festivals across Europe, recently held elections for its board members. The newly elected board is poised to play a vital role in shaping the future of ballet and opera on the continent. With a focus on fostering collaboration, innovation, and artistic excellence, the board aims to drive the ballet industry forward and provide new opportunities for artists and audiences alike. Let’s delve into the details of Opera Europa’s newly elected board and the potential impact they can have on the ballet world.

A Diverse and Experienced Leadership:

The newly elected board of Opera Europa comprises a diverse group of industry experts, bringing together individuals with extensive experience in ballet, opera, arts administration, and cultural management. This diverse blend of skills and backgrounds ensures a well-rounded approach to guiding the organization and advocating for the ballet community.

Promoting Collaboration and Exchange:

Opera Europa’s board is committed to promoting collaboration and exchange among ballet companies and festivals across Europe. By fostering partnerships and facilitating cross-border initiatives, they aim to strengthen the bonds between artists, companies, and audiences, leading to enriching artistic collaborations and the sharing of best practices.

Supporting Innovation and Artistic Excellence:

With a finger on the pulse of the ballet industry, the newly elected board of Opera Europa recognizes the importance of innovation and artistic excellence. They are dedicated to supporting and nurturing emerging talent, encouraging experimentation, and pushing the boundaries of traditional ballet to create groundbreaking and thought-provoking performances.

Advocating for the Ballet Community:

Opera Europa’s board is poised to be a strong advocate for the ballet community, both within Europe and on the global stage. They will champion the interests and needs of ballet companies, artists, and audiences, advocating for increased funding, recognition, and support for this vibrant and dynamic art form.

Enhancing Audience Engagement:

An essential focus of the newly elected board is enhancing audience engagement and accessibility to ballet performances. They recognize the importance of reaching diverse audiences, including younger generations, through innovative programming, digital initiatives, and educational outreach. By expanding the reach of ballet and connecting with broader audiences, they aim to ensure a sustainable and vibrant future for the art form.

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Opera Europa is poised to make a significant impact on the ballet landscape in Europe

With the newly elected board at the helm, Opera Europa is poised to make a significant impact on the ballet landscape in Europe. Through their commitment to collaboration, innovation, and advocacy, they will shape the future of ballet, fostering a thriving and inclusive community of artists, companies, and audiences. As ballet enthusiasts, we eagerly await the exciting initiatives and positive changes that Opera Europa’s newly elected board will bring forth, as they continue to elevate and celebrate the beauty and artistry of ballet across the continent.

Following the enriching conversations at Opera Europa’s spring conference in Wiesbaden, Opera Europa will be holding a first Dance event this autumn, hosted by the National Theatre Brno.

Brno is well known for its Janáček Festival, but also runs a biennale dance festival, and the Dance Brno 2023 opens in November. The Artistic Director of the Ballet Mario Radačovský looks forward to welcoming dance company directors and managers for 3 days, with exciting performances.


Friday 3 November

Premiere BDěNÍ – by Ballet NdB

Sleepless (Kylian) / White Darkness (Duato) / Waves (Poklitaru)


Saturday 4 November

Uroboros / On the Beautiful Blue… / The Water Globlin by Ballet NdB2


Sunday 5 November

Beyond Vibrations –  by Ballet ND Prague

Moving Rooms (Pastor) / Frank Bridge Variations (van Manen) / Fly Paper Bird (Goecke)

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