The challenge within the challenge! Low days come to us as tests in order to see if we can pass limits

As dancers, we confront ourselves very much with the so called “low days/ sore” when soreness is present, pains explode and our bodies and mind are ready to get out as fast as possible on the studio door.

by Marina Minoiu
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Negative spirals interfere and they manage to create a sort of “complicated dark symphony “ that is the home place of our insecurities and fears.: “I am Not in the mood”; “I am bad dancer” , “not good enough today to work , “This will never get better”, “Maybe I should quit”.

The speed with which these thoughts function is crazy fast and as well, powerful enough to let them become for some minutes a fake reality that we will embrace dearly. We all know in theory all the good lessons, on how we should be, behave, think etc. And yet we fall so easily in these obscure places where nothing makes sense anymore or it is fun.

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A “low” day can sometimes be a chance for something’s new.  Like a new window towards a new direction

So what is there to be done? Pack our toys and leave? Give up? Push ourselves over the top? Probably they are all valid to a certain extent. And yet “SOMETIMES” I would dare to say things could look different. As sometimes does not equal always. But maybe in our own “sometimes” and “always” we can start or try integrating values such as “ awareness “, “Curiosity”, “Acceptance”, “Take it easy”, ”Work hard but be smart”.

Maybe these “low” days come to us as tests given to us in order to see if we can pass certain limits with ourselves or if we are strong enough to find our own mental versatility under pressure, stress. Can we change perspectives? Do we want this? How can we do it?

Maybe this is also a lesson: to learn how to change a perspective at your lowest in order to reach your highest one day. Instead of focusing on “it really had to be like that and it is not” , maybe our thoughts could sound like : “Oh ok. This did not work today, BUT I found a new possibility, and it can also work in this way”.

Where mindsets such as this can take us? To be more open, to learn more first about our mechanism and thinking. Of course in our career training, nutrition and recovery are also extremely important elements in keeping us at our best.


Maybe these “low” days come to us as tests given to us in order to see if we can pass certain limits with ourselves

But to go back to my point of view a “sore/ low day” can sometimes be a chance for something’s new.
Like a new window towards a space with a enormous spider’s web that has endless possibilities and connections.

And at the end of a day like that, in which we decided to look different to the situation we are in, let’s see what we can take with us from that new place and bring back to our daily routine.

To finish a low day in a good spirit with a smile on our face knowing that we still did something even if it was small, rather than finishing it with anger , frustrations and self blaming until we wake up the next day.

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