The Dance Studio Owner’s Guide! Start prepping for a new start dance season on a strong foot with 3+1 Promotional, Marketing & Student Retention Tips

The whole dance industry comes back close to normal, but it is sure that all over the world this came with a set of new and difficult challenges for studio owners. Here you got some tips for a better marketing for the school profile and some student retention ideas! Those will help your studio preparing for a restart on a strong foot.

by Ballet Magazine
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Ready or not, we are already fully come back in a new dance season. The start of the new dance year has probably felt more like normal than the past two have. However, this is not necessarily the good news because there are already signs that dance studio owners have already faced with a set of very new and unique challenges.

But one of the biggest challenges for the dance studio owners, maybe the BIGGEST one, especially in the current context – is how to promote their studio in a highly saturated, competitive market when EVERYONE is trying to promote the same thing!

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The BIGGEST mistake Dance Studios are making in their marketing right now is not to marketing!

As a studio owner you need to discover your unique positioning and differentiation in the market! But the most important step is to communicate that to the public!

The wonderful thing is that every studio is different. Some studios are more technique focused.  Others give amazing performance opportunities, whilst some studios pride themselves on individual nurturing and personalized attention. Just find your studio’s strengths!

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Shifting your marketing message to share what the students will EXPERIENCE at your studio as opposed to what you do

So, what you have to do is to really step into the hearts and mind of that parent who is choosing a studio for their child. What are they looking for?  What is important to them?  How do they want their child to feel?  What would turn them off choosing your studio? The more we can understand what your dream student is seeking in a studio, the more we can tailor your marketing message to speak directly to their hearts.

In a nutshell, shifting your marketing message to share what the students will EXPERIENCE at your studio as opposed to what you do in your studio is a wonderful way to connect more with your marketing and start attracting more students.

It’s not about the class itself; it’s about painting a beautifully vibrant picture of how they’re going to feel when they’re in the ballet classes. The studio with the most connection in their marketing will win – and the best thing is that all it takes is a few little tweaks.

Image by sergii32 from Pixabay

How to grow your student enrollment & retention numbers! 3 Student Retention Tips

  1. Hire & retain great teachers! Now, more than ever, your staff needs to know they are valued

Remember that just as your studio’s budget is feeling the squeeze of rising prices, so are your teachers’ wallets. It’s more important than ever to take care of teachers and staff through raises and/or other benefits, because one of the most powerful student retention tips is to hire great teachers.

Make sure that the teachers you choose to be a part of your studio are highly qualified. But more important is to promote them as such through marketing campaigns, interviews and other types of materials in which they are presented to the public. Students and their parents want and have to know that they’re being taught by people who are REAL experts in their field.

Invite special guests to teach classes or give them meaningful gifts when they least expect it. Your dancers will love your studio so much more when you show them you care. Do not forget to promote their image by interviews & articles in mass-media.

  1. Tailor your classes to your student’s abilities, skill levels, demographics and interests

Always make sure your classes are tailored to your students! Maybe they are on the path to professional but maybe they just want to dance as a hobby. Many may find that dance is an intimidating activity that requires training from a young age.

Offer classes of varying difficulty to motivate your students. This lets beginners feel comfortable in a class full of people learning this new skill, and advanced students can have the option of a more difficult class with people at the same level of training.

Do introduce this idea in a marketing & promotional campaign, and your student register & retention rates will raise!

  1. Set up loyalty bonuses and offer a rewards program for the students and their parents

Upon registration at your dance studio, provide dancers with their own special student cards. With these cards, students can accumulate points for completing various actions. For instance, if students complete a course or show outstanding progress, they can earn a certain number of points. Bonus points can also be given for referring a friend to the studio or sharing a positive review on social media. Once enough points have been accumulated, provide students with discounts on future classes, free merchandise, or even passes to any shows you may be hosting.

Students will always come back to a place where they feel their hard work is being appreciated. This retention tip is sure to gain your students’ loyalty but do not forget to promote this opportunity with maximum clarity and as a differentiating element compared to other ballet schools

Want more dance studio owner tips and management tricks? Are you looking for more guidance on how to craft your studio’s marketing message?

Add more passion, more profits and more purpose in your studio with Ballet Magazine marketing & promotional campaigns!

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