World Ballet Day 2022! Belma Čečo Bakrač, Resident ballet choreographer of National theatre Sarajevo

Celebrating World Ballet Day, Ballet Magazine Romania stays close to the ballet community and invites you to follow us! Join & find below a very inspirational message with Belma Čečo Bakrač, Resident ballet choreographer of National theatre Sarajevo

by Adrian Scrimint
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This year, on November 2 we celebrate World Ballet Day! The organizers, The Royal Ballet and The Australian Ballet announced that will be an impressive number of events streamed online, including shows, rehearsals, workshops, interviews with great choreographers and dancers.

World Ballet Day returns for its ninth year, giving you an insider’s view into dance companies around the globe. See morning class and rehearsals, get a sneak peek of upcoming performances and see ballet’s biggest stars at work. Fill your day with dance, streamed for free across six continents.

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Happy World Ballet Day with Belma Čečo Bakrač, Resident ballet choreographer of National theatre Sarajevo

“Dear dancers, ballet teachers, choreographers, ballet lovers from all over the world,

I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy World Ballet Day. Let’s try, at least on this day, to forget about the difficult time of the pandemic, which I hope is behind us, but also about everything that currently surrounds us, that burdens and oppresses us.

The truth is that every time brings a new type of problem, new challenges, so we often forget to appreciate moment, that special NOW moment, which we can turn into the magic of ballet.


Let’s enjoy and create now, without looking back at all the negative things that surround us, that attack us from the daily news and politics,that burden us as one extremely sensitive community. We should be happy that we have dedicated our professional lives to the most beautiful art, which ennobles, nurtures the sense of beauty and gives us all the opportunity to get along perfectly well with anyone anywhere on the planet.

We have a great possibility and a chance to tell sweet stories through the theater, to make our audience happy, to cherish our memory of our idols and classics, but also to step into the 21st century and talk about this reality with our professional tools.

This is the true evolution of art and that’s why we need to be brave. No matter how charming, fluffy and fairytale-like the librettos of our ballets are, today, using all modern techniques and styles, we can and should speak and look back on this time as well. My last ballet “Panta rhei”, premiered in March 2022. at the National Theatre Sarajevo, talks about man and his suffering throughout the ages, about the artist in the corona, about the uncertain future, and the humane in us, about the essence from which we are woven and which no one can and must never take away from us.

This is a message that should inspire our audience and of course ourselves and give us hope for a better today and an even better tomorrow. That’s why I say, love yourself, work, be persistent and don’t forget to dream!”, Belma Čečo Bakrač, Resident ballet choreographer of National theatre Sarajevo

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